LASERD® products are capable of detecting both pulsed and continuous wave lasers on the modern battlefield.

Laser Signal and Event Recording Device (LASERD®)

The threat from laser systems to military and civilian personnel is well-documented and will increase and diversify over time. Obtaining accurate information relating to real-life incidents is critical in order to develop mitigations and protection.

Sentinel developed the LASERD® product family to provide a versatile, class-leading and cost-effective laser detection capability for military operations. LASERD® is available in a range of variants, tailored for different customer needs and scenarios.



LASERD® MAX provides comprehensive laser detection and intelligence gathering capability against a wide range of real-world threats.


A small portable laser detector, containing a sub-set of sensors from LASERD®  MAX.


A very small laser threat detector specifically designed to alert military users to the presence of pulsed laser radiation associated with laser designators and rangefinders.


A smaller, simpler version of LASERD®  MAX that detects visible band threats, such as those commonly encountered by Aircrew.


The LASERD® product family are built out of modular interchangeable sensors units.


Modular interchangeable sensors.

The LASERD® product family are built out of modular interchangeable sensors units. These units can be adapted to fit into bespoke housing or reorientated for various size, weight and power requirements, allowing them to be used by integrators in larger systems. Sentinel provides an opportunity to develop bespoke sensor modules that are ideal for embedding into platforms or larger devices and integrated into defence aid suites or platform electronics.

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